Lifting gear inspection

Hatasi provides a complete range of lifting gear inspection services for both the onshore and offshore sectors. We ensure that improved HSE is adhered to and the inspection is considered in accordance to the required and legal standards.
Lifting gear inspection includes the examination of the conditions of lifting gear. There are international standards and local law governing these inspections. For firms operating on these gears, it is important that they abide by legal compliances.
At Hatasi, We are well equipped to Carried out proof load testing & examinations for slings and other lifting gear/device with our qualified personnel, who identify potential abnormalities, fortify proper handling and storage, ensure compliance with applied safety standards and legal requirements. A written inspection report is provided following each inspection.

Rope Access Services

Rope access services was established with the aim of providing our clients with the highest possible quality of service within their budgets. We have built up widely ranging skills gained in the majority of the rope access and non destructive testing disciplines.
We have worked extensively within the following industries worldwide: Oil & Gas, RenewablesPower, generation, Refineries, MarineRail, Historical buildings, Manufacturing, Leisure/Theme parks

Reflex Marine Frog transfer basket inspection & Repair services

Hatasi offer lifetime product support for FROG customers. If you own a FROG, we’ll continue to offer replacement parts, servicing, training, and operational support for the entire recommended lifespan (detailed in your product’s User Manual)

Drop Survey

Dropped Objects pose the number one risk of serious injuries, fatalities, and equipment damage in several industries across the globe and is more prominent in Off shore drilling condition, where more personnel perform their duties within a confined space. Dropped Object Prevention Scheme [DROPS] is intended to be applied to operations in which Dropped Objects could cause harm to people, equipment, and/or the environment Hitasi is part of Our cloud-based Asset Inspection Management System “Hitasi”

EX Survey

Carry out the inspection for all Ex devices/equipment specified in the provided register follow the requirement of standard IEC-60079.
Check and verify the Ex certificate/dossier of all Ex devices / equipment specified in the provided register for compliance with standard IEC-60079 and to make sure that equipment is correctly selected for intended hazardous area that equipment located.
Issue the Final Inspection dossier which includes minimum below documents: Summary report showing the overview of the inspection result, Hazardous Area Equipment Register based on the actual result of Inspection & verification., detailed inspection check list follow the requirement of IEC 60079 for each device/ enclosure equipment, Issue the Certificate of compliance of ICE 60079 standard for installation of all Ex devices/ Equipment project, Master punch list and recommendation how to close the punch items.

PRV/PG Overhaul & Calibrations

• Valve & actuator overhaul, repair, calibration, modification
• Hydrostatic, Nitro gas pressure testing & certification, including 3rd party witness testing
• Machine shop facilities
• Supplying new valves, steam traps, parts, packing, gaskets.
• Supplying & installing pipes & fittings (flanges, elbows, tees, reducers, caps, joints, spectacle blinds)
• On site fitting & testing of valves
• On site advice and consultation
• Valve & Steam Trap Surveys
• Boiler overhaul
• Coded welding facilities
• Pump repairs & overhauls

Motors, Electrical & mechanical Overhaul

  • Inspect and record all relevant data from the nameplate.
  • Carry out electrical / mechanical check tests to verify motor condition / any reported faults, where possible.
  • Dismantle motor component marks
  • Clean and inspect all component parts
  • Datum checks to include: bearing journals and seatings, shaft extensions, shaft extension run out, shaft seal fits, commutator diameter and brush surface length
  • Repair / or replace all defect components and parts
  • Stator and rotor windings to be steam cleaned, stove dried and varnished as specified in IEEE 1068
  • Rotating parts to be dynamically balanced to ISO grade 2.5 or better.
  • All motors to have an up to date motor plate fitted before dispatch.

Issue Certificates

The calibration certificate documents essential information about the instrument’s condition, and also provides details about out-of-tolerance conditions, special measurement conditions, and more. Each certificate includes a serial number that associates one calibration with one instrument. This document may be required by the end-users of products tested with the instrument, especially in the case of government contracts.